The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space

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While with Hawkwind, Turner was known for his experimental free jazz stylisations and outrageous stage presence, often donning full makeup and Ancient Egypt -inspired costumes. Turner was born in Oxford in August to a theatrical family, although his father was working in a munitions factory. At the age of 13 his family moved to the Kent seaside resort of Margate where he worked at the local funfair during the summer holiday season, befriending another seasonal worker Robert Calvert.

His first influences were Rock and Roll and the films of James Dean. He went on to complete an engineering course and then undertook one voyage in the Merchant Navy. He then set about travelling around Europe picking up menial jobs, and it was during a stint as a roustabout in a travelling music circus in that he made the acquaintance of Dave Brock in Haarlem , the Netherlands. He had two years of clarinet and saxophone lessons in the early s but never considered himself good enough to pursue them seriously. Turner, owning a van, had originally offered his services as a roadie to the newly formed Hawkwind.

However, when the band discovered his passion for the saxophone he was offered a position in the band to add to the overall weirdness of their sound. Of his playing, Turner admitted that "it's the overall feel rather than the individual parts of the music that we're interested in. I don't have any illusions about my technical ability. I tend to use it as an electronic medium rather than an instrument". NME — September [6]. He was a member of the band during their most commercially successful and critically acclaimed period, writing or co-writing some of their most popular songs such as "Brainstorm" and "Master of the Universe".

However, complaints about his playing over other members of the band despite numerous requests to modify his behaviour eventually led to his dismissal in November In during the recording of Choose Your Masques , Brock invited Turner to the recording sessions and he was asked to front the band for the album's tour.

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Turner's second stint in the band lasted just over 2 years and although some live albums and videos were released, the band did not undertake any studio recording. At the end of while preparing material for The Chronicle of the Black Sword album, he was sacked once again. After leaving Hawkwind the first time, Turner holidayed in Egypt and while visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza he was given three hours inside the King's Chamber to record some flute music. The album was released as Xitintoday on Charisma records in and the band toured, played festivals including Deeply Vale Festivals later released as a CD , Glastonbury Festival part of which was broadcast BBC television and his own themed Bohemian Love-In all day festival at the Roundhouse.

With Williamson he conceived the "Nuclear Waste" single featuring many of the Sphynx musicians and a lead vocal by Sting. The Horns were managed by Tony Landau, a friend of Turner's since adolescence, and were fronted by former Tyrannosaurus Rex percussionist Steve Peregrin Took , who would later make guest lead vocal appearances with ICU alongside his former Horns bandmates. Turner's next project was Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars, a sax and Hammond organ driven jazz and rhythm and blues band.

They gigged for several years, eventually releasing the album Kubanno Kickasso! Turner and Twink got together for some impromptu live performances under the name Pinkwind, two CDs of which were released on Twink's own record label without the permission of Turner. In Turner was approached by Pressurehed and Helios Creed to record another version of his Sphynx project using the original flute tracks, resulting in the album Sphynx.

On 21 October at the Brixton Academy a 'Hawkestra' event took place, featuring nearly all past members of Hawkwind. Disagreements between various participants led to any restaging of the event being unlikely, but Turner did stage a further event under the banner 'The Greasy Truckers Party featuring members of the Hawkestra' on 21 October at the London Astoria. Out of this a loose band formed, performing further gigs and eventually using the name xhawkwind. An appearance at Guilfest in led to confusion as to whether this actually was Hawkwind, sufficiently irking Brock into taking legal action to prohibit Turner from trading under the name Hawkwind, a case which Turner lost.

Nik also made an impromptu appearance during the first Reggae Festival of Wales in , joining the Goldmaster Allstars and Jamaican vocalist Alton Ellis. Turner has resurrected another version of Inner City Unit with Thoms, performing irregular gigs. Living in Carmarthen, he often busks playing his saxophone in Cardiff city centre during weekend nights. He should relentlessly attempt to rise further and further into ever more subtle spheres of its mysterious Invisible Kingdom.

We were all marching ahead in darkness,. Not being acquainted with the inner secrets of Sant Mat. Guru Baba Sahib explained to us all about these secrets. First of all, he asked me to close the eyelids and further advised not to allow the mind to wander outside,. He directly helped me catch the star lying in front of my nose and between the two eyebrows. The Soundwaves rose up in the very house of Sushumna [middle passage within],. And Surat [attention of the soul] mounted up with the help of Drishti Yoga [inner seeing]. Catching, with the help of Surat, the Quintessential Sound among the multiple Sounds,.

Leaving the intricacies of the multiple Sounds,. That keeps him engrossed in deep illusions. His secrets are so very deep, says Mehi, that they were not known to the world. However, Guru Baba Sahib kindly made these secrets public for the benefits of all. Padavali of Maharshi Mehi. The practical Guru forewarns his disciple and directs which Sound to listen to and which one to discard.

As my Master had informed me, the Whirling Region and all the realms below it -- supercausal and causal, astral-mental and physical -- must eventually fall into dissolution. Dissolutions of a relatively frequent nature and short duration extend to the top of the causal region, while the immeasurably longer and far less frequent Grand Dissolutions extend through the supercausal realm of the Cosmic Lake of Purification into the high realm of the Whirling Region. And so the aspiring soul must journey further upwards in order to attain true spiritual liberation; for only the Abode of Love, the Fifth Inner Region above the plane of the physical universe, is unaffected by the many cosmic dissolutions, great and small.

It is the Abode of Love that is the true home of each and every human soul. However, such a comparison is totally inadequate, for I was now enjoying the Unstruck Music, that celestial melody that sounds endlessly in the exalted levels of the cosmic universe. Copyright November The Great Creative Current flows outwards and downwards to create, govern and sustain all regions. It passes out from this region somewhat like the radio emanations going forth from a great broadcasting station. It is the Audible Life Stream, the most important factor in the system of the Masters.

This Stream permeates the entire system of universes. A thing of great importance to us is that the music of this ever-flowing current, the stream of life, can be heard by a real Master and also by his students who have advanced even a little on the Path. Johnson, The Path of the Masters. All that can be said is that 'Shabd' implies the Power of God that has created and is sustaining the various grand divisions, divisions and sub-divisions of the vast creation of God.

It is a current from the Ocean of Consciousness and is characterized by Sound-vibration, or in other words, It is a live and active principle which, emanating from God, is enlivening all creation. It is the instrument with which God creates, controls and sustains His vast universe.

It acts as a life-line between the Creator and His creation and serves as a golden bridge between the two. The divine currents, like the ethereal waves of a radio, are spread out in the atmosphere in all the directions of the compass, giving out delectable strains of music. We, however, cannot catch the ethereal vibrations and listen to the divine melody until we get in tune with the Infinite by adjusting our mental apparatus.

Therefore we become etherealized more and more as we come in tune with the heavenly music. Shabd is the connecting link between God and man. The eyes and ears of the soul -- the spiritual senses -- can be developed. There is Light coming from beyond the darkness, and there is Music coming from beyond the silence, for those who have ears to hear -- those who desire to meditate and discover the wonders of inner space for themselves.

Hinduism is very much a religion of divine Light and Sound; many Indian scriptures and spiritual traditions teach about the universe being created through the Sound of AUM, the ecstasy of hearing the cosmic flute of Krishna, or hearing the Unstruck Melody Anhad Shabad of God that reverberates throughout the universe. Yogis of Nada Yoga and Masters of Shabd Yoga Meditation impart to their students knowledge about developing their inner spiritual sense of transcendental hearing.

As we penetrate deep into them they only lead us to Sound. As we analyze our individual existence, it takes us to Sound before we reach the transcendent Self. By communion with the Word, he will become deaf to the external sounds, and will attain the Turya Pad or a state of equipoise within a fortnight. First the murmuring sounds resembling those of the waves of the ocean, the fall of rain and the running rivulets and the Bheri will be heard intermingled with the sounds of bell and conch, Narayanasvami Aiyar, Santarasa Publications.

There are Upanishads in all. The earliest of these spiritual treatises, which vary greatly in length, were put down in Sanskrit between and B. Nada Bindu Upanishad: "The yogin being in the siddhasana posture and practicing the vaishnavimudra, should always hear the internal sound through the right ear. Having overcome all obstacles, he enters the turya state within fifteen days. They gradually increase in pitch and are heard more and more subtly.

At first, the sounds are like those proceeding from the ocean, clouds, kettle-drum, and cataracts: in the middle stage those proceeding from mardala a musical instrument , bell, and horn. Thus he hears many such sounds more and more subtle. It also serves the purpose of a shore to the ocean waves of chitta. The sound proceeding from Pranava which is Brahman is of the nature of effulgence; the mind becomes absorbed in it; that is the supreme seat of Vishnu.

Beyond this, is the asabda soundless Para-brahman which is Paramatma. To begin with, a variety of sounds may be heard -- the practitioner may hears sounds like: the sound of the ocean, a rain cloud, a drum, a kettledrum, a conch, a bell [ringing sound], a horn, a flute, a lute, or a bee [humming sound]. The Nada Bindu Upanishad also mentions the possibility of hearing a sound that resembles the Vina, a somewhat sitar-like instrument used in Indian classical music.

These mystic or heavenly inner sounds are always resounding in the soul, thus when one attains a certain level of stillness and concentration, spiritual Sound becomes audible. In truth, the inner Sound is always there, it is we our attention who come and go. We gain awareness of the Sound, and this creates the illusion that the Sound has "arrived.

Tags: india , inner light and sound meditation , kabir , quan yin , radha soami , radhasoami , sant mat , santmat , surat shabd yoga. Program Length: 35 Minutes. Kabir: "The essence of life is in remembering God. Kabir Saheb says: Remember God! It has a wonderfully powerful attraction. By continuously remembering God, a time comes when the devoted servant devotee and the master God become one, i.

What's needed is to listen to their words, contemplate their teachings, and put them into practice. This means to listen to the words of great souls with veneration, ponder their meaning, and live accordingly. This is what works. If you wish to know your future life, examine your present actions. When you reach the state of concentration, then you are surrounded by a protective aura automatically. No power on earth can harm you then. Therefore, do simran and be anxiety-free. It will readily open up the melody of Shabd.

Those who have fulfilled all these are everywhere invincible; they find well-being everywhere, theirs is the blessing supreme. At his pleasure, he may go to the delusion of unreality or he may merge into the Lord of the self. Where you keep your mind while living, to that abode shall you go after death.

The soul finds lodging in a place wherein it has hitherto been immersed. It depends on our thinking. So think positive. Asked the Yogis: By what means are we bound and overcome by maya [illusion]? How does one gain or loose? Said Guru Nanak: The negative thoughts of the mind are what bind us, and then we are overcome by maya. The self-centered one loses, and the one who obeys the will of His Creator is the one who gains.

Book of Sidh Gosht. Said the Yogis: The one who can give us the true answers is our Guru. When we close our eyes and see Darkness, this is the realm of ignorance. When the Light dawns within you, then you understand that you reside in noble regions. In Darkness resides ignorance and in Light resides Knowledge. And after this the merciless powers surrounded me, and tried to take away all the Light that was in me.

I thank You O Light for having compassion on me. Param Sant Tulsi Sahib: "In this life the concept of salvation all describe. To met the Lord by dying-while-living, none discloses. They all speak of the goal of salvation after death. How to attain it while living, no one says. Were they to reveal the Method of attaining release while living, then alone would Tulsi be convinced of their words. God resides inside - look for him there. Our spirituality or soul Surat is an emanation from the Supreme Being. Within the innermost recesses it is one with the Lord.

The True Master's Message of Peace Sadguru Shanti Sandesh , is a spiritual and social monthly magazine based on the harmony of all religions. There are two types of dharma in the world. They are first, "udhaar", and second, "nakad". People keep thinking and living on-borrowed-dharma. Some are involved in rituals and outward devotions, while others are pretending to have become divine themselves.

They are unaware of the natural screens or veils of Darkness, Lights and Sounds between jiva-souls and God. God is veiled by five different bodies and subtle bodies, each one inside the other [physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric]. But no one can really know of, and practice, these processes by simply reading authentic scriptures.

First of all, the screen of Darkness can be accessed by closing your eyes. Secondly, the screen or veil of Light can be experienced by crossing the Darkness. Thirdly, the veil of Sounds can be known by listening to them. Fourthly, not so much a screen or veil, but there is a Mystery which can not be understood like the first, second and third. It can only be experienced by perfect practice. According to Sant Mat, having crossed these realms or levels, we achieve the final goal called Mukti i. God himself is the founder and operator of these methods.

Since the beginning God has kept these two methods inside human beings with full qualifications. The way of redemption of jivas i. Unless the jiva walks along this way, it can't achieve salvation; the real and ultimate goal of religion. No one dies in such a way that he won't die again. Kabir: "Go where you will, to Benares or to Mathura; if you do not find your soul, the world is unreal to you.

But they ignore the pleas of the Master -- how then will their inner eyes open? Without truth, no happiness, though you may try a million tricks.

The pilgrimage of James An odyssey of inner space, George Arnsby-Jones. )

Anurag Sagar: "Kal has entangled people in illusions to such an extent that they have totally forgotten their real Home. Whosoever has adopted true ethics with his mind: in precept and in deeds, and in addition to this, who has realized God, such a great human is eligible to be called a Sant. For the well-being of humans, Sants have formulated principles to be adopted during life.

This is most successful art of living, whose essence and basis is truth.

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  8. Just as the sun is meaningless without heat, "Santmat" is core-less, purposeless, or rather, it is non-existent without truth. Rather than just receiving initiation into Sant Mat, if someone adopts truth, lives and works on behalf of truth, then he or she is relatively closer to Sant Mat. Is it worth believing that by going away from truth anybody can adopt Sant Mat? I believe, if we want to serve Sant Mat which we pledge while receiving initiation: "For the progress of Sant Mat I will always be helpful with my mind, health and wealth" , then we should adopt truth in our lives.

    At least if we won't accompany lies, won't proliferate lies, we would be saved from major flaws. The holy Master Maharshi Mehi said: "Lying is the father of all sins. He, who learned to tell lies, will also learn to execute all the sins". We describe ourselves as disciples but if we don't wish to live according to Master's guidelines, then what will be our condition?

    Today's situation is has worsened to the degree that everywhere there is supremacy of slyness. Liars are honored. The truthful are getting damned. Hypocrites and opportunists are everywhere worshiped. Let us leave the matter of cults. Truth is everyone's religion: "There is no other religion higher that truth. The Taitiriyopnishad says: "Speak truth, adopt religion". This implies truth is the highest priority compared to religion. The Mahabharata says: "There's no religion like truth" and, "even thousands of oblations are inferior compared with truth". The degree anyone adopts truth, is the degree he moves towards greatness.

    It's everyone's duty to not believe directly in rumors. Rather, go to the source, so as to not become liable of the sin of proliferating lies.

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    The universal teaching of Sants is Truth and Non-Violence. If we would decide to adopt these as the basis of our life, then our future life would surely be bright. Unto all have I amity, and unto none enmity. Know that violence is the root of all miseries in the world. Violence is the knot of bondage. If either one of these is lacking, our efforts will not be fruitful.

    What is the use of living for millions of years if one did not dedicate his time to self-introspection and remembering God, i. My real happiness lies in the supreme 'Self. Respectable God-seekers, prestigious villagers, religion-loving brothers - sisters, and dear children:. If we wish to be rid of sorrows and the slavery of situations, then never put on any new trammels of attachments, and try to get rid of old trammels. With the strength of our efforts we can create our fortune. Lord Buddha has said: "Humans are the owner of their own state -- who else can be his owner?

    Pilgrimage of James - Dr. George Arnsby Jones

    We will have to become aware of this door and go through it. We know about nine doors of our body which are all so unclean. How could you think any of these doors could be the door to freedom? This is also the junction of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. In the Gyan Sankalini Tantra, it says: "There are three principal currents, namely Ida [left], Pingala [right] and Sushumna [middle], there inside this body which are like the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, respectively.

    The junction of these three rivers is called "Triveni" -- the best place of pilgrimage. By being immersed into that, we get rid of all our sins. Being baptized in the outer "Triveni" i. This is the ultimate achievement of human life. The Supreme Being is all-love. He is a vast reservoir of love. Nothing is outside the range of its attraction. The difference is only one of degree or intensity. It is by the attraction of love that the creation is maintained and sustained. All actions are taking place by the force of attraction.

    Heed what I say, perform Bhakti [love and devotion]. Perfect Bhakti love and devotion consists in the complete merging of all one's spirituality in the Supreme Being. If He could be grasped, He would not be God". Swami Ashutosh Gurusnehi. Guru Nanak: "A person must become a devotee of God, leaving all illusions behind. Pass over it, but do not build your dwelling there. Tagged: sant mat, radhasoami, radha soami, santmat, surat shabd yoga, path of the masters, inner light and sound meditation, quan yin method, science, spirituality, the soul, India, Buddha, Jainism, upanishads, Lord Mahavira, jain, buddhism, hinduism, mysticism, enlightenment, nirvana, Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, supreme master, initiation, self realization, the soul, knowledge, consciousness, awareness,.

    Tags: awareness , bhagavad gita , buddha , buddhism , consciousness , enlightenment , hinduism , india , initiation , inner light and sound meditation , jain , jainism , knowledge , krishna , lord mahavira , mysticism , nirvana , path of the masters , quan yin method , radha soami , radhasoami , sant mat , santmat , science , self realization , spirituality , supreme master , surat shabd yoga , the soul , upanishads. Gnosis - Acquaintance - Experiential Knowledge agochar February 12th, Sant Mat Quote of the Day. Knowledge can be something which is conducive to the public, creative, something which can beget peace, and something which can help with self progress.

    One gets refined. Similarly, with the touch of knowledge, a corrupt mind turns bright and pure. The knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul is the highest level of knowledge for human beings. It uplifts us from earthly suffering, births and deaths to the State of Salvation i. Moksha, Nirvana. The statement of Lord Buddha clarifies that, for the process of meditation, knowledge is inevitable, and this is surely the knowledge of initiation related to process of meditation practice as taught or revealed by a meditation-absorbed Master.

    When the practitioner collects and joins both the currents of consciousness at a Single Point within, as taught by the Master, in a state of complete concentration, the veil of darkness breaks and he views the Refulgent Light. There he hears many melodious Inner Sounds. He knows soul and Supreme Soul by experience, attaining salvation in the Living State itself, and thus he becomes the Supreme Master.

    This is the ultimate Level of knowledge in which Light and Sound play the principal role. Tagged: sant mat, radhasoami, radha soami, santmat, surat shabd yoga, path of the masters, inner light and sound meditation, quan yin method, science of spirituality, science of the soul, India, Buddha, Jainism, upanishads, Lord Mahavira, jain, buddhism, hinduism, mysticism, enlightenment, nirvana, Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, supreme master, initiation, self realization, the soul, knowledge, consciousness, awareness,. Tags: awareness , bhagavad gita , buddha , buddhism , consciousness , enlightenment , gnosis , gnostic , hinduism , india , initiation , inner light and sound meditation , jain , jainism , knowledge , krishna , lord mahavira , mystic , mysticism , nirvana , path of the masters , quan yin method , radha soami , radhasoami , sant mat , santmat , science of spirituality , science of the soul , self realization , supreme master , surat shabd yoga , the soul , upanishads.

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    6. Sant Mat Quotes of the Week agochar September 24th, Sant Mat Quotes of the Week:. Do not delay the practice of meditation. It is, in fact, having mercy on our own self. Kabir says: "Put all imaginations away, and stand fast in that which you are. Sant Tulsi Sahib: "0 Jiva [captive Soul somewhere in time]! Kabir: "Keep on reciting God's name, and you will live pleasantly in the world. With true love as your master, your life-map will change. He is perfect, sufficient in Himself to Himself, in an ecstatic state of love and bliss.

      Before creation He alone was conscious. There was none but He to see and none but Him to be seen. There was only the Lord immersed in His own rapturous bliss. That Limitless Reservoir of Love which alone was in existence, with none to adore or exchange love with Him was an Ocean of Absolute Bliss ananda.

      His primary characteristic is love. He is nothing but a Vast Reservoir of Love and Bliss. The Lord in Shabd form is always with you and is never far. Have patience, and you will get a glimpse of True Light. Swami Ji Maharaj. By means of Shabd, He can instantly elevate me. He is all-merciful, and is beyond Triloki. My attention is riveted on His holy feet and I have His Darshan all the time. I have reached the original abode I have been blessed with Darhsan of the Supreme Being.

      Be saturated with His love and yearning. Keep away from evil tendencies and leanings. Combating with mind and its forces, remain absorbed in Shabd. Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras: "Great reverberation of Shabd is going on within, and one should fix one's attention on it. Rumi says: "Bring the sky beneath your feet and listen to Celestial Music everywhere. Such an attainment is priceless.


      Relying on His mercy, one should become free from care and anxiety. It is only when one becomes care-free in respect of this region, that one will be able to perform Arti [worship, meditation]. This is what the cushion of a care-free state means. I have tasted the bliss of the Original Abode which alone is true. The world, on the other hand, is only a fleeting show, and only if one ponders over this, one will be able to realize the essence of Sat Mat and then alone will one's boat of life be able to cross the ocean of worldly existence.

      The term "Sant Mat" was coined by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, during the 19th Century, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back many centuries to ancient India. Sant Tulsi Sahib was of the opinion that the Sant movement goes back to the time of Krishna thousands of years ago, that Krishna knew of Sants during his day, the age of the Bhagavad Gita.

      Maheshwari, published by Soami Bagh, Agra. Internet reading, listening, dvd's or videos is closest to the third level of satsang listed below. The three levels of satsang are:. Then we will be able to do the second category of satsang and will have a good fortune of listening to the words of realized beings who presently reside among us.


      As we continue in association with a great saint, and with the saint's blessings, we will gradually begin to meditate and undertake the prescribed spiritual disciplines. By diligently practicing these disciplines, we will one day, experience the first category of satsang -- the association with the Supreme Being. When we have thus accomplished the highest category of satsang, our life's ultimate purpose will be fulfilled. Love is the attribute of remaining absorbed within one's own Self. The Supreme Being was in a state of un-mun-sun bismadhi intense absorption in Himself.

      He still is, and will ever remain in that state.

      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space
      The Pilgrimage of James - an odyssey of inner space

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