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Sequentiality and the Pi Calculus (2000)

The Pi Calculus: Toward Global Computing

An individual agent in a social system and measurement of his actions add little evidence to how the policy is informing the welfare of the collective. A policy becomes meaningfully understood when inputs and outputs across agents are explored.

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This is an important issue to acknowledge when reading systemic factors in a policy as well. There should be an accounting of the systemic process underlying the policy. This may include looking at the interdependence and feedbacks among elements of the system, ongoing assessments of the past policy successes and failures, as well as changing landscape of epidemiological evidence.

Overlap concurrence of different systems at play in the policy should be explored.

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In a process evaluation of a policy, we cannot have complete certainty that we have caught everything that is happening in a social system. But we sure had better try to find as many observable values to have a fighting chance of capturing the truest nature of the system at work.

Battle-Fisher, M. Springer: New York.

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Milner, R. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Wing, J. FAQ on pi-calculus.

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Using theories of bi-simulation, structural congruence, and a notion of process equivalence, extensions of the pi-calculus allow a more formal approach to the design and implementation of these complex interactions between distributed-processes. This talk will cover the foundations of pi-calculus, the theory of names it's based upon, and Thomas will present an interpreter written in Haskell using the 'distributed-process' library cloud-haskell.

He will discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and trade-offs when designing a distributed-system starting from a theoretical and formal foundation versus modern ad-hoc design principles.

Lastly, extensions to the pi-calculus and their respective Haskell implementations will be discussed, setting the stage for more useful formalizations and libraries facilitating more stringent and rigorous distributed-system design and implementation to be added to the Haskell ecosystem. Thomas is a Software Engineer at Adjoint, focused on building distributed ledger technologies for the private financial sector.

He is interested in distributed-systems engineering, programming language theory, and the application of modern cryptography to build secure and robust protocols facilitating data privacy. Friends don't let friends miss out on great events.

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The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus
The Pi Calculus The Pi Calculus

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