The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories

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The Visionary Behind House of Kerosene Perfumes Draws Inspiration From the Automotive Industry

The colour of kerosene and other stories Cameron Raynes Wakefield Press I read this collection, cover to cover, on the Australia Day holiday.

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It happens to also be the birthday of my grandmother, Alma, and my son, Drew. So, like it or not, I did have something to celebrate.

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While the characters and stories produced by Cameron Raynes could be described as quintessentially Australian, they share nothing with the mantra paraded around each January Through his stories Raynes digs deep into our collective psyche, juggling the tensions that exist between black and white, men and women, and the abrasive standoff between city and bush. The stories are perfectly pitched. Not much happens, and yet so much happens, in an emotional sense. The stories rarely produce a resolution, in the traditional beginning, middle and end structure we may be used to.

And yet, each story satisfies because the endings are nuanced and contemplative. Many of the characters are displaced or fractured. They are living lives they did not expect to have, often in far-flung locations they did not expect to be in; the ex- public servant, the ex- university academic, the young Aboriginal girl incarcerated hundreds of kilometres away from her home community.

The tension is so palpable in some of the stories that I began to anticipate a Wake In Fright explosion of violence. As with many of the human characters, landscape in some stories is both stuck and mute, in a Eurocentric sense, and potentially more violent as an outcome.

But violence does not come, in a tangible form. It is surely there psychologically, but what marks both stories specifically, and is a quality of Raynes writing and the collection more generally, is a sense of resignation. People do what they do because they cannot bring themselves to contemplate an alternative.

Other stories in the collection work superbly with domestic life. Hi Jacqui,I am so sorry to hear about your problems with your lungs. I am not sure of the long term effects. I would have to check it out. I hope you are okay otherwise. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope I can find some information for you. I also drank kerosene as a child. I wonder about long time side effects as i now have lung problems and always cough a lot on food and drinks.

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Im glad your all good. Hey Holle, thank God she is fine. I am sure she remembered the awful taste to this day. Thanks Debbie. I do remember when I was much older that our government started a campaign about the same thing, chemicals in drink bottles. Another concern was having powdered pesticides in unlabelled plastic bags. We must be careful because children don't know the difference. You certainly were a very lucky child, I remember back when I was growing up there were public safety adverts warning people of the dangers of storing chemicals, such as petrol and paraffin in drinking bottles.

Children don't know the dangers of these chemicals and drink them innocently thinking that they are drinks. You never know, but hopefully this hub could go towards saving a child from inadvertently drinking chemicals. Hi Eddy, glad you stopped by. Thanks, I am also very happy to be alive and ok with no long term problems. Thanks for sharing as some of the content this hub could turn out useful at some time or other.

Hi Jackie, I think it takes a while to work and burn so there was no damage. I can still remember the taste of it in my mouth. Just awful. I hate kerosene. I am surprised it did not do permanent damage, it had to have burned immediately.

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I cannot stand to even smell that stuff! Really, it does horrible things to my lungs. We had one winter the electric went off and we had a portable K heater and I had to go in a room with just cold, couldn't take the smell so so glad you survived that! Hey Tom, I did read that and totally forgot to put that in when I wrote the hub.

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Kerosene and Candles

Thanks for the link and the added info. You are really lucky kerosene is very toxic- if you had indian food or some spicy jerk chicken- you could have burnt up.. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting.

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  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. Get medical attention immediately. Hey, I have done worse than that and lived. I guess you can't cheat death. When it is your time. Hey Sis, glad to see you! Thanks, I am okay now. I need to ask my big brother if he was the babysitter at the time it happened..

    Not doing so well today. I think you should check if any of yours, your sister or moms hubs are stolen form bigezine. Just found a few of mine there. They seem to be stealing all the newly published hubs from HP. Hey sis, quite the story. I felt for you and was reminded of a story my dad once told us. He was little like you and drank some bleach. His mom freaked and took him to the hospital. Luckily enough he didn't drink enough to do much harm. The doc later cracked a joke about him having a clean system and not to worry about getting worms. My grandmother didn't see the humor in it though.

    I am glad to hear you are okay. This is important information for parents of children at any age. Thanks for sharing it. Hey Pamela, the truth is there is no actual memory of me doing it but I do remember the taste and the smell.

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    When I smell kerosene now I remember how I felt back then. Wow, that must have been some experience. The very thought of you drinking the stuff is making my stomach upset. Hey Alastar, I had a best friend when we were teenagers who loved the small of the gas station, I just couldn't understand I don't get how people sniff these things. It is so fortunate that someone realized what you had done and got you medical treatment. My little cousin did the same thing but they caught him in the act and got treatment also.

    I am glad to know about the Kola nut and its properties. A very interesting hub. Andrea McLean. A Man's Got to Have a Hobby. William McInnes.

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    Black Tide. White Dog. Ash Cameron. Life Behind Bars.

    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories
    The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories The Colour of Kerosene and Other Stories

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