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As usual Moyes' strength is in creating characters that feel real and quirky and with whom the reader is engaged. In this par This is another solid book from Jojo Moyes. In this particular book there are several threads running alongside eachother and at times different stories come to the fore.

Silver Bay

The side characters of an elderly aunt and her love life were the most amusing and endearing to me rather than the rather predictable main love interest. However the location of Australia, the details of whales, dolphins and their environment were deftly handled. Good beach read. A soft romance, kind of boring and predictable. The kid and her aunt were the only ones I liked in this book besides the animals :.

Not my cup of coffee.. View 1 comment. Apr 14, Arlene rated it liked it Shelves: adult , read , overdrive-audio , romance. Rating clarification: 3. In this book, we meet a heartwarming eclectic cast that includes Mike Dormer who is tasked to travel to the quaint bayside town of Silver Bay as part of a venture deal to build a multimillion dollar resort. Mike is careful not to reveal his true intentions for staying at Silver Bay and this ultimately allows him to get to know the inhabitants of this town and the rich history that adds to its charm.

When the plans are revealed to the townies, Mike Dormer is met with their feelings of betrayal. Silver Bay is character driven with so many unique voices. The plot and steady narrative kept me engaged and once again it was a true pleasure to ride along this journey as Moyes weaved her tale about a bay side Australian town that was rich with history and populated with a cast of unforgettable townies.

This story also included a meaningful element of how the sea life would be affected by a vacation resort. To learn about the whales and dolphins that inhabited Silver Bay added even more depth to this novel, and I appreciated how Moyes weaved that into her story.

View all 3 comments. I had pretty low expectations for this book, but ended up really enjoying it. At first I was a little lost, not understanding where the story was going, but 50 pages in and I got into it. So if you haven't read either yet but planning to read them both, start wi I had pretty low expectations for this book, but ended up really enjoying it.

So if you haven't read either yet but planning to read them both, start with Ship of Brides. One thing that did bother me in this book was that the characters are talking to the reader. I usually really enjoy a book that is written in first person, but here it was like the character was talking to me i.

Is this like an interview? An investigation? It was just weird Oct 02, Alexa rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Truth be told, this garners a rating of 4. But Moyes has a way with words that just draws a reader in. In Silver Bay, she brings to life a story that is quiet, haunting and very emotional.

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Beautifully written, and I'm glad I stayed up to finish it in the wee hours of the morning. It was so easy to care about these characters, particularly the four main ones: curious, clever Hannah; complicated, cautious Liza; strategic, serious Mike; warm, welcoming Kathleen. Moyes works her magic, inviting readers to fall in love with everything about this story. This has been my second book after Me Before You which made me cry, and I don't usually read tear jerkers ;.

In Silver Bay the characters are what pulled me into the story. They were beautifully fascinating, unique, and entertaining. It didn't bother me that there were so many different POVs. I rather enjoyed the different voices. Additionally the location and whale topic was extremely fascinating to me since I've neither been to Australia nor on a whale watching tour. It turned this book into an absolutely captivating read. And most of all, it had a HEA, which is not necessarily guaranteed with this author. I really enjoyed Silver Bay, yes it wasn't perfect and I did guess the ending but I loved the setting and nearly all the characters.

I will definitely be reading a lot more by Jojo Moyles in the near future. View 2 comments. Mar 26, TL marked it as dnf. Just couldn't connect with it anymore :. May 15, Estelle rated it really liked it Shelves: new-releases , contemp-fiction. This starts slow but I am so so glad I hung on. Beautiful storytelling.

Ideally I'd give this book 2. Jojo Moyes' Silver Bay adds a heart-wrenching twist to the conventional chick-lit love triangle story. Set in Australia and London, Moyes has created characters who draw you in and make you want to learn about their lives. I soon found myself caught up in the intricate details of Mike, Liza, Hannah, Kathleen, Greg and co, eager to know how their stories would unfold. Written from the viewp Ideally I'd give this book 2. Written from the viewpoints of Moyes' characters, the novel moves seamlessly between them something that is, in my opinion, hard to do well without confusing your reader or resorting to stereotypes when defining characters.

As a result of this technique each chapter gave the reader more insight, revealing the personal perspective of the different characters and leaving the reader uncertain as to what they really thought about the characters or indeed, what they should really think about them! While I enjoyed the novel and was desperate to discover the final outcome, I found the plot flitted between predictable chick-lit romance novel trajectory and clever twists which sadly become more and more predictable, and in some cases less believable, as the novel went on.

My reading experience was marred slightly by the glaring plothole in one of the more dramatic scenes in the novel other people would probably get over this! If you're interested here's the basic outline skip to avoid spoilers ; : A storm happens and the 'phonelines are down but then a telephone call is received at a vital moment and as this mobilises the characters into action, two are left behind to wait for the 'phonelines to come back and alert more people of the situation. Yea, I scratched my head about that too. Overall, I liked the novel but it is far from Moyes' best works.

But still, a nice book to read on your morning commutes. And it left me dreaming of trips to Australia, which is hardly a bad thing. This is the third book I have read by Jojo Moyes and I loved the first two so much that I am on the hunt for whatever she has written so far but it seems a little hard to get the actual books here where I live so I may have to resort to digital copies : The book was in my opinion, slow to start and of the three I have read thus far, was my least favorite.

It was slow to start off and many nights, I read only a few pages before I fell asleep so it didn't captivate me until about the middle. It had a slow start as I said but it's redeeming qualities were the likeable and the antagonistic characters and the fact that it picked up and was a page turner and I book I didn't want to put down.

We are introduced to all of the characters, sort of one chapter a a time as the story is told through the views of each of the main characters, each one getting a full chapter, bouncing back and forth to show the different opposing views of what is going on in Silver Bay. I liked that style. There were some twists and turns as well and most of all it was a love story, with so many layers of love; love for money, love between a mother and her children; love for nature and all things living; old love and young love.

A woman named Liza has landed herself in Australia to live with her aunt, and take care of her young daughter while helping at her aunt's quaint hotel and being the skipper of a whale watching eco tour. Her life was once upside down and she has many secrets then this dapper man from England comes to stay at the hotel and her life is turned upside down again as he finds out who he really is, a path to discovery that twists and turns.

Eventually, everyone finds out why he is there and he is about to turn their lives upside down but he realizes what he is doing and gives up everything to make his work "right", to reverse what he has started. View all 10 comments. I so rarely do 5 stars but this was such an exceptional piece of writing. To give anything less would've just felt wrong. Silver Bay was both charming and lovely and gut wrenchingly sad. Jojo moved between these vast emotional landscapes like the seriously great writer she is, producing a novel I became very anxious to finish. I loved the Australian setting and hats off to a British writer for getting that setting so true to form; this felt so genuinely Australian.

And I can't even express the depth of my feelings in that final scene at the airport as I stood in Liza's shoes. The pacing is slow but was never boring. This one is worth the journey because the destination is spectacular. Aug 02, Caroline rated it really liked it. Perhaps my favorite novel of Moyes'. Told from different characters perspectives, Moyes paints the tale of Liza McCullen and her daughter, Hannah, who live with Liza's aunt at her hotel in Silver Bay.

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Their peaceful life is soon thrown into upheaval and chaos when Mike Dormer visits, unbeknownst to them, scouting out the area for his company's development of a resort. Secrets are revealed, and lives are changed. A truly skillfully written novel, that had me hooked from the beginning, even though Perhaps my favorite novel of Moyes'. A truly skillfully written novel, that had me hooked from the beginning, even though I did eventually guess the ending. Jul 31, Bibliophilic Richard rated it really liked it. Rating: 3. If you need a bit of an escape from real life, this book might fill the need.

This was a sweet story where everything is tied up in a pretty little bow at the end. I liked this even though it was a little predictable. There was also a "Save the Whales" and a "Save the Dolphins" message because a big resort wanted to move into little ole Silver Bay. This book glossed over the real fight that would have taken place if this book was aiming for the realistic vibe, but it wasn't. And for me that was If you need a bit of an escape from real life, this book might fill the need. And for me that was okay.

It had enough going on in the plot to keep it interesting. I think that is what Jojo Moyes does so well in her stories. There always is a certain depth to her stories with some creative twists. Some of the elements seemed to come out of left field, but I'd rather have that then just one dimension. So 3 stars. A case in which I guess I connected with the story's at the right time I loved the story and setting, but one of the characters bothered me towards the end of the novel.

This book had a bit of a slow start but once I got into it, it got really good! Overall I enjoyed it and will probably try reading another moyes book. Great stories well written of course. Jojo never disappoints. I really loved the connections with the whales, dolphins and the consideration for them practiced by the Whale Chasers. And it completely enraptured me with both story and skill.

Unfortunately, it also became a lens through which I read Moyes' other novels which is hardly fair. Moyes is a talented writer and no two stories are alike. Sequels aside. As if it had been the only story she'd ever told or would ever tell. And it worked for me! I found myself slowing my reading pace, taking off the rose-colored glasses to put my blinders on, and digesting each character, each scene as they were intended: distinct from any other I've read before. What I found was a really unique story with a marine twist that was both quirky and interesting.

Shark Lady? I feel like I needed a little more in some areas, though. For example I won't be going back to re-read, but I could have sworn that at one point I was led to believe Liza's daughter Hannah was Greg's? Not a spoiler: She's not. But he was awfully chummy with her for someone who was just a "bed-buddy" for Liza.

I don't know. Mike and Liza. One minute they hated each other, then they went out on a boat one afternoon, saw a whale and all of a sudden they were in love? But she was still cold to him and then they were hiding their relationship and It was somewhere in there, though, because I felt it in the end. You know, eventually. I've got other thoughts, but I'll be honest--I don't want to hide the spoilers as I should.

So I'm just going to leave this review as-is and tell you to just borrow the book from your library and read it for yourself. And, if I was wrong about Greg my misdirection came in the chapter s with Hannah's birthday party I don't think I could say Silver Bay was my favorite book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. Beach-worthy, for sure. Especially with the sharks.

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This book was a surprising disappointment from Jojo Moyes - I thought I'd love anything she wrote after falling deeply in love with Me Before You. Maybe it would be interesting if you love whale watching? The interesting parts needed to have been immersed more throughout the story rather than leaving all of the drama until r This book was a surprising disappointment from Jojo Moyes - I thought I'd love anything she wrote after falling deeply in love with Me Before You.

The interesting parts needed to have been immersed more throughout the story rather than leaving all of the drama until right at the end e. Why introduce Steven Villier's character so late in the story?

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Without mentioning Letty his life could have been inserted into solo chapters about what scumbag activities he was up to with his new family. Mike Dormers reasoning at the end of the book to engage in an action to stop the development was so juvenile and concrete. I was happy with the final ending but it was kind of like "duh, you've finally made a rational decision".

Anyway, hopefully none of that counts as a spoiler, I've tried to keep it generic. I really enjoyed this one.

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Kind of a slow start, but never fear Jojo Moyes knows how to keep the drama flowing. So many of the characters changed in my mind over time. At first, I didn't like Liza or Mike and I really liked Greg, even though he was a little ridiculous. He was still way too immature and selfish. I also really loved reading about the whales and dolphins and I can completely understand this town's drive to save them and their affinity for living near the water. I would love to visit Australia and see a place like Silver Bay.

With Jojo I also suspect there will be a sad ending so I was so glad that Mike and Liza were happy together and Liza's daughters were reunited. I had a feeling that Lettie maybe wasn't dead or there was some major detail missing. Maybe Steve would show up or something like that.

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