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Delayed ejaculation

You may also be more prone to some infections in general at this time. Your vagina maintains a pH level of 3. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur the week before your menstrual period, and intercourse during this time can exacerbate symptoms.

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There's also the dreaded UTI. Yes, you can get pregnant when you have your period, especially if you have a shorter menstrual cycle 21 to 24 days and you have have sex toward the end of your period. If you experience symptoms such as cramping, feelings of sadness, or depression during your period, having sex at this time may be beneficial.

CCHU9015 – Sex and Intimacy in Modern Times

Women who have endometriosis , on the other hand, may experience more pain and other symptoms when they have their period, as well as pain that occurs with sexual activity or orgasm. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible; the earlier you speak up, the sooner you can feel better and enjoy sex again. You may feel more sexually aroused and sensitive during this time of the month because of the changes in your hormone levels.

Some women experience an increased feeling of congestion in the pelvic area, which can also ramp up your sex drive. Pay attention to what your body tells you — if it hurts or is uncomfortable, stop it. It is all about experimenting and going slow. Sex is a game between two partners, and not everyone likes the same things. Focus on what feels great, what you both want and take your time to really make the experience intense. What comes after You must be clear what you expect from the encounter.

Sex has different meanings for different people. You could want it to be the start of an intense relationship, or just something to relieve stress. Your partner might have a diametrically different view of sex than you do.

Forget what you heard about “your first time”

Discuss your views with your partner to know what each of you expects from the experience. Your first sexual experience can be wonderful, but only if you have it for the right reasons. You can go ahead with it if it feels right and your body and mind are in sync about it.

First time sex? Don't fake an orgasm - Get Ahead

But if you have any misgivings and overwhelming feelings of fear, it is better to wait. Close search. Fresh Arrival Our Products expand. Shop Now Discreetly. How to Relieve Vaginal Dryness? Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close.

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2. Be comfortable asking questions.

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Sex Time Sex Time
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