Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life

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Highlights: Yellow highlight Page: 34 People who underestimate their worth tend to undermine their success. They unconsciously do things that make achievement impossible. They procrastinate, job hop, take on too much, become scattered and distracted. The list is endless. This even applies to those who are making what sounds like good money. What an irony!

No one works harder or longer hours than an underearner. My six-figure women wholeheartedly agreed. It works like this: when you change your thoughts, your behavior follows. Irrational thinking will always undermine any attempts at rational behavior. When I got that, something clicked. My work was worth more because I was worth more. Blue highlight Page: 53 Self-esteem, success, power, and prosperity are intricately entwined. Blue highlight Page: 54 Virtually every six-figure woman I interviewed swore money was not her primary motivation. But at the same time she fully expected to be well compensated because she knew she was worth it.

Only then will you stop limiting yourself. Blue highlight Page: 57 The challenge of change almost always elicits the same response. I call it the Underearner Whine. My response never varies. But it is uncomfortable. Yellow highlight Page: 85 No one is doing this to me. I am doing it to myself. Therefore, I have the ability to change it. I matter. I put myself first. At the core of all fear is a belief. At the root of each belief is a decision you made.

These decisions are made early, often unconsciously, and have little to do with reality. To ride out the resistance, redo your decision. View 2 comments. Apr 01, Alisa Moore rated it really liked it. Excellent book - lit a fire under me, shifted the way I think about money, my own worth, what I can create for myself, taking responsibility, great web-site and classes offered locally here in Seattle, too.

Jun 05, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: financial-books. Actually, this is my second time through this book! I read it through once and definitely had some A-HA moments! Now I'm going back through it and actually doing the exercises with my friend Brenda! Sep 13, Jola Van Dijk rated it really liked it. A new mantra I'll try to remember: spend less, earn more, invest wisely, give generously, in that other.

And changing your mindset is the most important. Knowing and respecting your own worth.

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Feb 24, Shaun rated it really liked it Shelves: read , health-coaching. This is the second book I read by Stanny and basically piggy backs on the first book I read. I really appreciate Stanny's ideas as I think there is a lot of insight to be garnered from her books. Most of the book deals with identifying and re-evaluating our attitudes about money as they relate to our lives and our earnings. This particular book had a lot of exercises for the reader, her effort to make it feel more like one of her workshops. I'm not usually that into such exercises, but felt she d This is the second book I read by Stanny and basically piggy backs on the first book I read.

I'm not usually that into such exercises, but felt she did a better job than many, and may actually go back and revisit a few. Currently at a crossroads in my career, I've decided it's time to move on That said, books like this offer valuable opportunities for affirmation and reaffirmation. Would have given 5 stars, only thought the first book was infinitely better. Jul 26, Megan rated it it was amazing. Read this with a group of folks you trust.

Use it as a workbook. Make magic! Apr 11, Marlena rated it it was amazing. I haven't finished this book yet but it's bound to happen soon. Anyway, this book can't be described in words. It is a gift for those who were raised by families that couldn't manage money, that were poor or into debt.

It will change your life, and I'm not kiddin'. It is definitely changing mine at the moment. You will learn so much about yourself from 'Overcoming Underearning', because, as Barbara Stanny says, having money is not about finances or having a good career. It's about you, your mind I haven't finished this book yet but it's bound to happen soon. It's about you, your mind and your childhood the time where you took decisions about money and formed your strongest beliefs. If you succeed in tackling your most painful money 'wounds' that were opened as a child, you can and will become rich.

It is simple, yet so complicated. Grab a copy asap. You won't regret it. Apr 08, Kim rated it liked it. Is it fair to rate books like this? They seem all the same - affirmations, self-report inventories, and testimonials. This one is a little different because it is geared more for women than others I have read, but its fatal flaw is the bulk of the advice is aimed at the self-employed or people open to switching into careers that pay more so, teaching is out! Sure, there's a section on saving and spending money, but it really defers to other sources to learn more.

I walk away from this book kn Is it fair to rate books like this? I walk away from this book knowing that I have an underearner's mentality, but without many tools to fix this without changing careers which I don't want to do.

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May 17, Talia rated it it was amazing. This book was amazing. Stanny gave straight forward advice that addressed the root of the problems many people have with their earnings. This book was creative because instead of being like typical finance books and looking at where your money is going, Stanny makes the reader look at themselves and why they earn what they earn.

This book really changed my life and I think I will read it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time. Sep 30, Julie rated it it was amazing. This really goes beyond budgeting, goes beyond the Law of Attraction, goes beyond how to earn more - this book really goes the extra mile to give the reader solid action items, along with great insight. I'd love to go to one of her workshops. Aug 03, Clarice rated it it was amazing Shelves: at-home , It was really useful for me. Apr 20, beth alyse rated it it was amazing. Dec 18, Brianna Elsass rated it liked it Shelves: business-types , thought-provoking.

Definitely an interesting approach to changing your earnings. Looking at your relationship with money holistically in order to change your earning potential. Some good learnings but I felt it was a little basic for what I was hoping to get. Aug 05, Alejandro rated it it was amazing. This book has helped me get to know my relationship with money and come up with some easy but effective actions to take immediately to improve my finances.

Highly recommended. Jun 08, Lisa Joiner rated it it was amazing. The best book about money I've read. Apr 02, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: for-the-biz , self-improvement. A very good book which teaches you more on self worth and money. Losing points for the following things: - Bad typography.

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Not easy for the eyes because of quotes dropped in the chapters, several fonts etc. Every chapter you will be reminded of her workshops and previous book. You will read lots of testimonials and stories before getting to the nuggets. Combined with the promoting, I almost gave up on this book. But it gets better after the first chapters. However, the journaling prompts she gives are very valuable and so a must read for everyone who wants to learn more about money mindset.

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Aug 18, Meighan O'Toole rated it really liked it Shelves: money-finance , self-help. I was amazed at the a-ha moments I had.

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  • Sep 21, Debashri rated it it was amazing. There's so much here that made me pause and think that Barbara Stanny is just a genius. She uses powerful arguments for being responsible for your own finances and getting over the mindset that someone will come and save you. There's practical advice and there's also the inner mental work that people need to do to change their lives and their finances permanently. It's a brilliant book for anyone who wants to get out of the mindset that their finances are doomed.

    Jul 06, Derek Po rated it liked it. I'd give it a 3. I like the practical examples and the book is staged like a workshop. The advice is also solid. What brings the book down however is how much of it seems like a sales pitch on one of those infomercials that come on TV. If it took those pieces out, it would be great and get a 4. May 06, Paola Quiros rated it it was amazing. WoW, this should be a textbook given at school! I am afraid i grew up as an underearner and its hard to get out, really hard.

    This book gives you a strategy, gives you a path, give you HOPE. I love the hands on chapters and more over the examples of humans overcoming this. Definitely its a book to read twice and even every time its required. Aug 07, Ana rated it it was amazing. One of the best personal finance books I've read! This book is a true treasure. I read this book cover to cover--haven't done so in a long time. I recommend this book to everyone who is stuck professionally and financially to read this book. I did not finish this book. The constant anecdotal examples of random people really watered down anything beneficial this book may have had going.

    I didn't even mind the poor structure and motivational quotes, but inferring that the side stories were 'proof of concept' in the era of data analysis was unpalatable. I feel like I have a concise doable plan for moving forward. Jul 12, Suzanne Gibbs rated it liked it. Good information. I'd suggest the paperback version, not the audio book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. I never expected to hear from so many men who read my books, used my workbook, and told me how much they had gained. Clearly, underearning crosses gender lines. The wage gap may favor men, but dissatisfaction with earnings and worry about the future is a source of stress for both sexes.

    Fifty percent of all Americans, men and women, feel underpaid www. Fifty-nine percent of both men and women believe they are not paid as much as their peers in similar jobs New York Times, October 2, Forty-two percent of women and 32 percent of men worry about not having enough money Prudential Financial Survey, Only 35 percent of men and just 28 percent of women ever expect to get rich Gallup, Men in jobs held mostly by women are also victims of pay bias Cornell Study, My purpose in writing this book is to keep you from becoming or staying one of those statistics.

    Yet, for simplification or perhaps out of habit , I tend to use the pronoun she more often.

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    • Also, since my interviews for this book were primarily with workshop alums, the examples given will be predominantly female. Still, I guarantee, readers of both sexes will benefit equally from the book, for the five steps to overcome underearning apply to everyone. My intent for this book, as it is for the workshops, is not just to help you put more cash in the bank. I know for a fact that when you start taking control of your money, you start taking control of your life.

      I remember my interview with Jason Beckett, whose wife attended an early workshop and introduced him to the material. Jason was a manager of a big-box discount store. Like many others, he had never thought of himself as an underearner before. He also shared another trait common among underearners: the feeling of being trapped in an unsatisfying situation, convinced he had no choice. I knew that I had so much more potential, that I was never going to be happy doing what I was doing, and as a retail manager I was limited in what I could earn, he told me. Did the strategies from the workshop make a difference?

      I asked. Without doubt! It was liberating. In his spare time, Jason, an artist, designed innovative pieces of furniture. He was in the midst of negotiating a contract with a major furniture distributor to design a line of chairs, tables, and ottomans. The principles in the workbook freed him to follow his passion as an artist and make money doing it as a business. The fundamental difference, for me, he explained, "was to realize that I actually have the power to affect who I am and how I live.

      This book is designed to do the same for you—to show you that you have the power to control your life. The process is not complex. It is meant to be an interactive experience, as if you were attending one of my workshops. I recommend reading it with a highlighter handy, along with a pen or pencil to respond to the self-evaluation tools included throughout. Each chapter is structured to track your progress as you read, respond to the exercises, and reflect on your reactions.

      There is limited space for journaling in this book. I encourage you to also have a separate journal, or notebook, for longer musings. These tools allow you to zero in on your unique obstacles, adapt each step to your own situation, and create a personalized action plan for long-term change.

      Every chapter ends with a recap or Highlights of the major points, and a space for reflection that I call Conversation with Myself. You can respond to the questions offered, or write about whatever is in your heart. Section 1, Getting Started, explains how to use this book for the best results, and lays the groundwork for breaking through your earning barriers. Section 2, Taking the Steps, moves chapter by chapter through each of the five steps necessary to overcome underearning. No matter what your gender, age, occupation, or economic bracket, the message I hope you take away is this: Underearning is not a life sentence.

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      Overcoming it is more in your control than you realize. And the reward for your efforts will go far beyond money. To get you started: How do you feel about working with this book? What are your immediate reactions or concerns? What would it look like if you had control over your life? Why do you think the parable about the farmer and the monster was included in a book about overcoming underearning? Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. How often have you found yourself thinking, I wish I made more money? Only to add with a sigh, Someday…maybe someday….

      Guess what? There is no someday. This is it! This is the day to start turning your vague desire into a deep-seated commitment. This is the day to shift from building castles in the air to laying a solid foundation. This is the day you will start breaking through your barriers and bolster your earnings. It would be wonderful if, upon reading this book, you went straight into making six figures.

      And that may happen.

      Overcoming Underearning(tm): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life

      Or not. Some of you may already be making six figures and still be underearning. I see it all the time—people who are professionally successful, yet financially strapped. Nor is it the intent of this book. The real purpose is to help you achieve financial independence. You have the resources to live a satisfying, comfortable life, accomplish your dreams and goals, and have more fun doing what you do. Life as an underearner is not a lot of fun. Being underpaid is frustrating, at best, and often debilitating.

      Underearning limits your choices, your freedom, your peace of mind, and your quality of life.

      Episode 004: Interview with Barbara Stanny, author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles

      And you can do it without selling your soul, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. In these pages you will meet people who ended up with far more than material wealth. My whole life has changed substantially, massage therapist Cheri Schell declared during our follow-up interview. Cheri was not an exception. I was amazed how many reported significant changes in all areas of their lives.

      Aside from increased income, the most common side effects of the workshop were—in this order— significant weight loss, better financial habits, more leisure time, improved health, increased optimism, and enhanced relationships. This action might not be possible to undo.

      Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Money Management. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary When it comes to money, are you controlled by fear?

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      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life
      Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life Overcoming Underearning(TM): A Simple Guide to a Richer Life

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