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Approximately vehicles were planned to be built. It is claimed that the K is twice cheaper to produce comparing with American M2 Bradley , the the K offers similar level of protection, packs heavier punch and is amphibious. Composition of the K armor is still kept in secret.

M1 Abrams Tank

It is assumed that this IFV has multi-layer armor with glass fiber, ceramic and aluminum alloy. It is known that front arc provides protection against 30 mm armor-piercing rounds. All-round protection is against The K can be also fitted with active protection system, similar to that used on the South Korean K2 Black Panther main battle tank. The K is armed with a 40 mm cannon and 7. A powerful gun can easily defeat all hostile armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Vehicle also carries two indigenously developed ATGW launchers, but exact details and number of missiles carried are unknown. Vehicle is fitted with advanced fire control system and has good fire accuracy.

Such control systems are usually found on the latest main battle tanks. The K is lighter comparing with most modern IFVs.

ADAPTIV camouflage

It was made of composite materials that are lighter than steel, in order to save weight wherever possible. This IFV uses a number of advanced high-tech systems, including battle management system, internal navigation, vehicular information systems and identification system which recognizes friendly and hostile vehicles.

The K has a hydropneumatic suspension and advanced running gear. This IFV is fully amphibious due to built-in automatic flotation bags. These floatation bags are activated, before entering the water. Development of the CV90 commenced in the mid s. The baseline CV entered service with Sweden in The CV90 recommended itself as a successful design.

Since its introduction the basic design was constantly improved and updated. The CV90 was built in various version. New versions of the CV90 continue to emerge. The CV90 has a welded steel armor hull. It is claimed that the front arc of the CV90 withstands 30 mm armor-piercing rounds, used by the older Russian IFVs and airborne combat vehicles. A slat armor can be fitted for protection against tandem-charge RPG rounds.

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The original Swedish CV is armed with a powerful Bofors 40 mm cannon, which is basically a modified anti-aircraft cannon. F irst batch of vehicles for the Swedish Army had no gun stabilization system, and thus cold not fire accurately on the move. Also these had only limited night fighting capability. Also there is coaxial 7. Export models of this infantry fighting vehicle are armed with fully-stabilized or 35 mm cannons. These guns are less powerful, but more versatile.

This IFV was specially designed to minimize radar and infra-red signatures. It also uses heat-absorbing filters to provide protection against thermal imaging, image intensifiers and infra-red cameras. Vehicle also has quiet movement in order to improve stealth. With preparation this vehicle is amphibious. Since its introduction it was constantly upgraded. Even though the Bradley is an old design, it is has higher level of protection than most other IFVs. The upgraded M2A3 version is fitted with explosive reactive armor of new generation.

It has some degree of protection against RPG rounds.


Front arc of the latest models withstands 30 mm armor-piercing rounds. All-round protection is likely to be against This will significantly improve survivability against anti-tank guided missiles and anti-tank rocket launchers. Vehicle is armed with a two-man turret, fitted with a 25 mm dual-fed Bushmaster chain gun. There is also a coaxial 7. The M2 Bradley is also equipped with a twin-tube TOW 2 anti-tank guided missile launcher, providing this vehicle a considerable anti-armor capability.

The M2 is amphibious with the use of swim barrier. Swimming capabilities can be improved by the erection of inflatable buoyancy tanks. On water the Bradely is propelled by spinning its tracks. It was developed as a successor to the BMP The whole project was kept in high secrecy.

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First batch of pre-production vehicles was delivered in By this armored vehicle was still tested by the manufacturer and is not yet ready for mass production. Full-scale production of this armored vehicle could begin within the next few years.

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Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles
Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles
Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles
Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles
Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles
Modern fighting vehicles Modern fighting vehicles

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