Learning to Breathe

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Learning to Breathe Training

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  3. Learning to Breathe!
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Learning To Breathe

I had to learn how to breathe. For swimmers, if they hold their breath when their head is under water, then they have to both exhale and inhale when they put their heads up.

Learning to Breathe

I know this, having told many swimmers that exhaling was as important as inhaling. They needed to make room in their lungs for the new air to come in, that if there is already room, it makes sneaking their breath that much easier. They also need to control the exhale so that they are breathing and not gasping when they come up. I know this, and yet had forgotten to teach my swimmers that lesson.

My son last year swam his first and so far only free. Your breathing pattern in races is part of your strategy. Generally, the longer the race, the more often you have to breathe. An Olympic 50 free swimmer won't breathe at all during their race.

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But while swimming an or , even an Olympian breathes every three or so strokes. The for my son was the longest he had ever raced, so more like a distance race than a sprint. And the more tired they are, the more often they breathe.

  1. Learning to Breathe.
  2. Learning to Breathe.
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Halfway through the race, the other coach and I noticed he was laboring, badly. And then we noticed he wasn't breathing all that often.

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We counted - he was breathing, consistently, every seven strokes. Even on his last 25, which looked like it hurt a lot, he kept dutifully breathing every seven strokes. And that breath lasted a good half-second, at least. When he got out of the water, he was exhausted. I asked him why he breathed every seven. He didn't even realize he had been doing it.

Of course, it was all my fault because, "you didn't tell me when to breath!


Our instinct is to want to breathe, and when we can't, to hold our breath. Our instinct is to do what needs to be done in order to get a breath; this means that in strokes like butterfly and breaststroke, you have to teach the kids that their goal is not, in fact, to bob their heads up and down in order to breathe, but to propel themselves forward in the water.

What is emotional intelligence at work Anna Koczwara , Tamsin Bullock.

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    follow link PL Brown. Mindfulness training modifies subsystems of attention Amishi P. Self-care for health care professionals: effects of MBSR on mental well-being of counseling psychology students. Robin A.

    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe
    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe
    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe
    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe
    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe
    Learning to Breathe Learning to Breathe

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