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Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments in Bangkok

I believe this takes you up to that room.

The tour itself is actually pretty good value. The traditional method of drawing a Sak Yant is shown in the image below. You might well know it as a bamboo tattoo. Instead, I was ushered into the second floor where they were being performed by the famous Master Luang Pi Nunn using a modern tattooing gun. Regardless of which method the monk uses to give you the tattoo, they use the same needle continuously for many people, and re-dip the tip in the same ink again and again.

However, there seems to be no apparent cases of anyone having contracted an illness from a Sak Yant tattoo, and I helped justify it by how many people were there getting new tattoos added every month. If you are nervous, you can head up to the floor above where they tattoo Sak Yants in a much more clinical manner, but charge a lot more.

The tour I mentioned earlier is likely done in this room. I have personally never gotten a tattoo before this one, so I was extremely nervous, to say the least. I got pretty anxious as it got closer and closer to being my turn. When receiving the Sak Yant, you take your top off and sit down in front of him and rest forward on a triangular cushion. He will then place a template on to get the position right and then draw the entire thing freehand he really is a master, as the finished tattoo is incredibly detailed. The tattoo itself felt as if he was slowly going up and down the same point on my back with a candle.

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I quickly forgot about any nervousness as I had nothing left to focus on but the pain and getting through it. If you can sit in that room and get, what felt like, burned by a monk for 15 minutes, whilst a room full of 40 people sit there silently staring at you and come out feeling no pain, then I salute you.

I was worried that we would be turned away because we were Westerners, but our presence in the room only seemed to cause minimal interest. You should be OK, just be polite, respectful and obey the basic rules they have. This includes no photographs inside of the tattoo room the images in this post of inside the room were not taken by ourselves.

The process of getting a Sak Yant tattoo done in Bangkok can seem stressful and confusing, but I hope this post at least helps clear things up for some people.

As always, just leave a comment below with your questions and I will get back to you as fast as I can! It details the Sak Yant rules you should follow after having received a tattoo. If you want a bit more information on getting a Sak Yant in Bangkok, here are some useful pages you can visit:. Click here to follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with our latest adventures! You Might Be Interested In Written by:.

Probably like yourself, I had never even heard of a Sak Yant tattoo, but I was so drawn in by how unique it was that I quickly decided I had to get one. Note: Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read more here. It documented his experience of getting what is known as a Sak Yant tattoo. First off, what even is a Sak Yant? It was originally thought to have come from Cambodia when it was known as the Khmer regime. Just check out the guy below! Bradley Williams I'm an Economics graduate with a passion for travel. Opening Hours: Daily, 12pmpm.

Opened in Expertise in custom designs, Thai style, and especially colorful, traditional Japanese tattoos. Tight schedule, book ahead weeks. Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday, 12pm-7pm. New, state-of-the-art studio, with highest hygiene standards. They exclusively use inks imported from the USA. Offers online booking with fast response in English. Flat rate for a 1-hour session is 3, Baht, minimum rate starts at 2, Baht. Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-8pm. The first studio in Bangkok to obtain a tattoo license. Rates start at 1, Baht, price depends on design and complexity.


Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-midnight. As a rule, customers must schedule their session and pay a deposit in advance. There are two slots available at Rates start from 1, THB, depending on the size and detail of the tattoo. Ladies looking to get a new tattoo, or their very first one, can come here solo without worrying too much. Opening Hours: Daily, 1pm - 3pm. A studio with a variety of styles and a cozy ambiance, Ink Again Tattoo has been opened for two years. His work covers custom, traditional, and blackwork style.

Slots are available between Location: Soi Ratchadaphisek The two artists at the studio have a degree in architecture but decided to become tattoo artists about five years ago. Their background makes them especially skilled in designing and sketching in styles like minimal, blackwork, and other colorful variance. Reminisce Tattoo BKK takes both walk-in customers and those with advanced booking. Rates start at 2, THB depending on the size, detail, and difficulty of the tattoo location. Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm - 9pm. The home studio Tattoogirlm gets its name from its only artist and owner, Mameow, who has over 17 years of experience.

The artist also works on cover-ups for scars, blemishes, and older tattoos. Customers can request specific designs or share some ideas and let the artist comes up with a piece. Rates depend on the size and detail; a small calligraphy font tattoo starts at 1, THB. Tattoogirlm Studio focuses on providing comfort and privacy for the customers currently in session.

BEST TATTOO STUDIO | Artists By Max Tattoo Khaosan Bangkok Thailand

This Ekkamai studio was established in with Thai and foreign customers constantly coming in to get their skin inked. Currently, the studio has two resident artists. First is the owner, who has over 15 years of experience after becoming an apprentice at Stay Cold Tattoo charges by the hour for larger pieces, such as a full back piece, a full sleeve, or a chest piece, at 4, THB per hour.

But for mid-sized or traditional tattoos, the rates are usually per piece.

The Best Tattoo Artists in Bangkok at Your Service:

Smaller designs can start at 2, THB. Each year, the studio features guest artists from overseas who come to share their talent. Thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time but still not sure about it? You can also consult the studio first; free of charge! Opening Hours: Wednesday - Saturday Contact Details: Contact on Facebook Messenger.

A long-standing venue located on Khaosan Road, Pumpkin Studio has provided 18 years of tattoo experience for the nightlife mecca. There are two resident artists; both incredibly skilled in techniques such as Polynesian, Japanese, tribal, American traditional, and minimal tattoos. The last style is particularly popular among girls. You can send the studio a design sample along with details of the size to get a cost estimate. Location: Buddy Lodge, Khaosan Road. The venue itself has been established for over 15 years and employs four masterful artists with over a decade of experience in the craft.

They work on various styles such as Japanese and minimal tattoos and also take on cover-up projects. Kob Tattoo Studio feels private with individual partitioned rooms. Rates start at 2, THB per piece. Located on Khaosan Road, Divine Ink Tattoo offers a variety of styles: blackwork, Japanese, old school, tribal and even minimal tattoos.

It has been opened for over a decade and has four resident artists. The other artists are also experts with over five years of experience, each with their own lists of accolades. Other than providing service with the excellent craftsmanship, Divine Ink Tattoo also uses top-quality supplies. Rates start at 1, THB and may change according to the size and difficulty of the design. Location: Khaosan Road. This venue might just be the favorite among minimal tattoo lovers.

The parlor has been open for two years. Mine works mostly on minimal tattoos, but she can create pieces using other techniques as well. The schedule is open from Yark Tattoo has two resident artists with different expertise. Rates start at THB. Contact Details: Call Contact on Line. Translated by Gift Sa-ngasang. Sometimes after a long day, when you come back home and feel like having a drink, a cold brewski straight from the fridge might not make the cut. Coffee has become an integral part of urban lifestyle. Coffee shops have become hip meeting places to socialize and alternative places to work, and enjoying….

Every year, there are a few constants in life for those of us who live in Thailand. Songkran is always on April 13th, Loy Krathong takes place on the…. Women across the world share have at least one one thing in common: a passion for beauty. When looking for inspiration and helpful advice, beauty blogs…. Imagine limitless possibilities! Watch your favorite movies in bed projected to the bedroom ceiling, make a spontaneous presentation for a customer, watch…. Thailand has stunning coral reefs and marine life to discover, and a great way to do so is snorkeling.

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Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo Bangkok Tattoo

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