A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces

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Learn CSS layout with straightforward and practical examples. A course designed to remove layout confusion for good! CSS Lint. It points out problems with your CSS code. It does basic syntax checking as well as applying a set of rules to the code that look for problematic patterns or signs of inefficiency. The rules are all pluggable, so you can easily write your own or omit ones you don't want. CSS Tricks. A website for writing CSS. See one web page with dozens of different css styles.

Begin to see with clarity.

Learn to use the time-honored techniques in new and invigorating fashion. Become one with the web.

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Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces

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Everything you need to know about thinking with type, you will find here.

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But combining typefaces is also hard work. It takes practice, and it takes the wisdom that comes with practice. It takes knowledge about type, context and culture. Successful combinations are partly a matter of good taste, which comes with experience but is tough to develop.

And finding typefaces that work well together often takes more time than we or our managers, or our spouses! Hard work is good for the soul, and striving for a palette of typefaces that is appropriate for a given project is a rewarding exercise. By trying, we grow knowledgeable; and by having tried, we grow wise. It marks the omission of one or more letters The apostrophe indicates that there are characters left out. Sometimes, they are also used to mark irony. Read more about quotes on Wikipedia.

Quotes are language specific and you should use the right quotes for the language you are using. The hyphen is the character you use most and often misuse on your keyboard, but there are several other dashes, including the en-dash, em-dash, and minus.

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You can find a really detailed article about Dashes on Wikipedia. The hyphen is used to break single words into parts like when lines of type break within a word or to combine separate words into one single words. It can also be used to indicate the relationship between two different words. In German it is also used for a break of thought, with a space before and after the en dash. I lived in the United States from — I have a love—hate relationship with San Francisco. Em dash The em dash is used for a break of thought that is stronger than a thought within parentheses. It is a break in the sentence in order to create attention or stress a thought.

The em dash is uncommon in the German language and most common in American type setting. I once had to replace 1, hyphens in a single document—exhausting. Parentheses separate a thought from the regular body text, whereas Brackets indicate changes within a quoted content. This is an ongoing project, so please feel free to contribute on GitHub and give feedback via email or Twitter. US Keyboard - - option - — option shift - —. German Keyboard - - alt - — alt shift - —.

English Deutsch.

A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces
A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces
A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces
A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces
A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces

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